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While live play and online play both have their own individual strengths, live dealer blackjack manages to take a hold of the advantages of both, giving what we consider to be one of the most complete and ideal blackjack experiences available.

Advantages :

  • You get to play from the comfort of your own home, avoiding the smoky interiors of casinos for the comfort of your favorite chair… plus you don’t have to even wear pants to play!
  • You don’t have to deal with other players. I hate dealing with know-it-alls at the casino who criticize you for splitting 8s or doubling down when they think it cost them a good card, and when I play live dealer I never have to deal with this.
  • The dealers. The dealers in live dealer games have the same great attitudes that you often find at a land casino, and you are able to interact with them via a chat function. If there’s ever a time you don’t like a dealer, you can simply close the window and move to a different table or wait for a dealer shift, which happens very frequently online.
  • Minimum bets and multiple spots. Many of the tables at a land casino nowadays have minimum bets of $25 a hand, but online you can find tables that take bets as low as $5 and still maintain a healthy 3:2 payout on blackjack, versus the 6:5 that you see all too often at land casinos these days.

Disadvantages :

Like everything in life, nothing is ever really perfect. Live dealer blackjack is no different. With the abundance of choices and options a player has, there are a few negative aspects that come along. Keep in mind, everyone’s goals and motives are different. What you view as a negative may be looked at as a good thing or a positive by someone with a differing point of view. Take a look at our first example, the speed of the game.


The reduced speed of live dealer blackjack compared to typical blackjack at an online casino site is generally thought of as a bad thing. Most of you probably don’t want to have to wait for other players to make decisions or for a person to deal out the cards.

Those of you who prefer everything to be done in the blink of an eye should maybe just stick to regular online blackjack. After all, there are pros and there are cons.

The pro may be the fact that, since the dealer is a real person, you can trust that there’s no “funny business” taking place.

The con would be because the dealer is a real person, the speed of the game is going to be far slower than if the cards were dealt by some automated software.

Decide which option is for you. Just be aware that you will play fewer hands of blackjack per hour at a live dealer casino site than at a standard virtual casino that offers normal blackjack.


The seating is another aspect we had to chalk down in the disadvantage column. One great thing about playing blackjack online is that you can hop in and out of a game as you please. Being that the live dealer casinos use a real set with cameras and lights and human dealers,Waiting Around there is no automation. If the live dealer casino tables are filled with patrons, then you must wait your turn.

This can certainly be thought of as undesirable. Sometimes you are just ready and in the mood to fire away, and having your action turned away or denied can definitely be frustrating. The good news is that you can put your name on a waiting list and you will be alerted when your seat becomes open.

Chances are, by the time you walk to your fridge to grab another beer, your screen will be buzzing with a notification that you can take your seat and start playing.

The beauty is that live dealer blackjack has become so popular that finding an opportunity to dabble around on an online site has become easy. Be active in multiple live dealer casinos, and you will be making decisions on whether to hit or stay in no time!

Betting Limits

Depending on your aspirations, this may or may not even be an issue. Most live dealer casinos that provide blackjack will offer betting limits as low as $5 and as large as $500. Occasionally, you may encounter a higher max limit, but $500 has been the capped number we have seen in various instances.

The reason we listed this as a potential disadvantage is because those of you “grinders” who want to play smaller limits will need to stick to the standard online gaming sites. We didn’t forget about you “big wigs,” either. If you want to be consistently betting $1,000 or more per hand, no problem. The high-limit salons on the Las Vegas Strip are waiting for your action. The pit boss will probably even roll out the red carpet for you to take your seat!