Roulette and Blackjack are probably the most popular casino games in the world. Therefore it was no surprise that when online casinos began to grow, the popularity of those games was maintained on the web-based format and then onto high quality, immersive dwell casino variations.

What Are The Similarities Between Live Casino And Live Roulette?

You can play both of these casino classics at WorldCasino24. Just visit our Live Casino Lobby and you will discover over 15 distinct variations of roulette and over ten different kinds of blackjack in our live casino to get stuck in to. Give different versions a whirl and you will quickly find the subtle differences between these. But in this article we will focus solely on the major similarities and differences between these two live games.

The next thing that they have in Common is that in each game you use chips to put your bets down whilst using funds from your Worldcasino24 account. You don’t need to have a separate wallet to perform with the Live Casino variant. In either match, the series is run by a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful live trader who along with paying out or keeping any chips may also answer any queries you may have and interact with you in different ways.

Main Differences Between Live Roulette And Live Blackjack

Spin The Wheel, Deal The Cards
Roulette is Played using a specially designed wheel made up of 36 numbers (half red, half black) plus a zero (in the European Roulette variant ) or two zeros (American Roulette). Players possess numerous gambling options at their disposal including gambling on a specific number, many numbers in the same time, Red or Black, Odd or even a few others. Players normally disperse their stakes across the board so that based on the outcome of the spin, you’re likely going to win on some stakes and shed on others.

Blackjack is generally played There is a more confrontational element to the sport as as a player, you’re out to beat the dealer’s hand. You can do so by: obtaining Blackjack (Ace and a 10 or picture card) to the dealer’s’regular’ 21, obtaining a higher score than the dealer without getting 21 or viewing the trader go bust irrespective of what you have, as long as you haven’t already gone bust yourself.

You can play several different Hands against the dealer but there is a limit on the number of hands you can play, unlike in Roulette, where historically you may place 50 or more independent bets.

Wins At Long Odds Vs Short And Steady Profits

Ever heard the Expression’it’s marathon not a sprint’? It may certainly use to Blackjack. Given that many players likely only play one hand each round, the most likely outcome is you will either lose your stake or double up.

Of course there are other ways To acquire somewhat faster than that. It’s possible to play a lot of hands at the same time, it is possible to double down or you can divide, with the previous two meaning you’re betting twice as much money and may therefore win twice as much. And if you’re lucky enough to get Blackjack, then you’ll be paid 150% of your bet as opposed to 100% (assuming of course the trader didn’t get a Blackjack of their own). But it’s basically a game of patience in which beating the dealer more frequently than not is the title of the game.

Roulette has the possibility for One to win a lot faster. For Instance, If you were to place bets of equivalent value (say $10) on: the number 21, Red and Odd and 21 came up, you would win:

  • $10 x 36 about the number 21 = $360
  • $10 x 1 on Red = 10

Meaning a profit of $380 could be Won on just one hand despite a stake of only $30. But don’t forget, it works both ways.

Pre-Game Vs In-Game

When playing Live Roulette your decision-making and influence stops as soon as the ball is on the wheel. From that point onwards your fate is in the hands of the Gambling Gods.

In Live Blackjack you have Options to make before the game and during the game. After the initial two cards are dealt, you need to opt to stick or twist or split/double down or not in special conditions.

Background Matters Vs History Does Not Matter

Some Roulette Players will inform you that studying what has come up in previous spins can influence what number may come up next. To put it bluntly: that’s rubbish. Assuming the wheel isn’t faulty, the amounts that have come up earlier have no impact on what may come up next any greater than the outcome of the next coin toss isn’t influenced by the prior ones. Yes, you could get ten heads in a row.

In Blackjack, matters are very different. Given your best chance of obtaining a decent win is by getting Blackjack, you may select to play more hands or your bet when you feel Aces are coming your way after tracking what’s come up in previous hands. Tough, but not impossible.

Which One’s For You?

Only you can answer that. If you prefer the continuous accumulation strategy, then turn to Blackjack. If you like a more volatile game, try Roulette.

It’s also worth remembering That whereas there is no foolproof Roulette system that’s sure to help you Triumph, at least with Blackjack you can employ’Perfect Blackjack strategy‘ to Make sure you eliminate as much of a house advantage.