Live Pokermatch Casino

Live casino, also known as “live dealer casino” is well-known all over the world, including in India. You can enjoy your favourite card deck games with a real dealer in real-time from every corner of the globe or when you travel.

Live dealer games provide real emotions that you would get in any offline casino. Absolutely any game has a real croupier and a real table for playing card games, and everything that happens on the table is streamed to a professional web studio.


The main advantages and disadvantages of casino live

The benefits of video casino in Indian rupees:

  1. Real rivals;
  2. Live dealer;
  3. Brings more experience than offline casino games;
  4. The range of poker;
  5. More comfortable and easier to handle.

The disadvantages of video casino in India:

  1. No slot machines;
  2. The timetable of the matches must be followed;
  3. Mandatory registration.

Games available in real-time Pokermatch

Almost all card games are available to players in the live casino: Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and more. Demo versions of the games don't exist there. After compulsory registration, you can go individually to the live broadcast and observe the process, and you need to make a bid. It's definitely not a simple slot demo, where you just try the exact same machine, only for free, but it's not bad at all.

In addition to card games, lotteries and dice games are available, which also have a croupier, but look different. There is no dealer exactly, but rather a person who introduces games without the usual card distribution, and at some points is simply present and adds to the entourage. Generally, this sort of gambling is primarily designed for emotional gratification, and secondly, for the game itself.

Andar Bahar

The process itself is fairly simple and primitive. The dealer draws the top card from the deck, and you get a chance to win and predict which stack will be the winning one. That is, Andar or Bahar, which draws their decks. The first card has its own name, the joker card, which determines the winning deck. If the joker card is black, it goes to Andar, if the joker card is red, it goes to the Bahar stack. The game is played until a card of the same value as the joker card appears on one of the stacks. Then the game ends, and you know whether you have won or not.


  • You only have the option to bet once for the whole match;
  • It is possible to bet on 19 outcomes;
  • You can see the statistics and results of your latest games;
  • Continuous playback mode of live matches;
  • A draw must be held absolutely every 90 seconds;
  • It was originally made for Indian casinos and the general population in India.

Teen Patti

The game has roots in India, where it had its original name before it spread around the world: Three Card Stud. Teen Patti is often compared to poker, only the rules are actually simpler and understandable even to inexperienced players who don't even know how to play poker. The game uses a pack of cards that has kept its number and counts 52 cards. From the start, after the hand is dealt, the dealer reveals one card from each player's deck. This continues until each player has three cards drawn, these will be your hands throughout the process. The idea is to bet on the strongest combination or on the opponent who will have the strongest hands. In Teen Patti, there are only 6 combinations, which is the main difference from poker:

  1. Set;
  2. Street Flash;
  3. Street;
  4. Flash;
  5. Couple;
  6. The ultimate map.

If none of the players at the table have been able to draw the right cards for any combination, the one with the strongest card in his hand takes the winnings.


  • Has a second name – Indian poker;
  • Uses a deck that counts 52 cards;
  • Oriental Motifs;
  • 6 simple combinations with similarities to poker combinations.

Blackjack online

It's the same Blackjack, only in an online interpretation and with a live dealer. Also, it can be noted that Blackjack is considered one of the most popular and overtakes the same roulette, craps, and baccarat.

For those who don't know the rules, you can read a short version here. The deck in the game consists of 52 cards, and there are only three ways to win — your hands are worth more than the dealer's, the dealer has 21 points, and the dealer's hands are worth less than 21 points. At the start of the hand, you and the dealer each draw two cards, but you only lead with one of his cards. The key thing about Blackjack is the amount of points you stand to gain as you deal. The rules are somewhat similar to the card game Bridge. If you get over 21 points, you lose immediately, and sometimes even at the first deal.

Roulette with a live dealer

There is nothing complicated about this type of online game, the whole game is presented as a regular roulette game, which you could have played before. Only in this case, there is already a croupier who can spin the roulette wheel or simply tell you the results. Sometimes you can find online roulette without a dealer, not all providers consider its presence necessary. The rules are simple – you place a bet on a number or even a few, the wheel is spun, and the results come out. If the ball doesn't stop in the box you bet on, you might get lucky next time.

Hold'em Poker at a live casino online

In this case, the situation is similar to online roulette or live Blackjack, because it differs from the offline versions, only with a real dealer. All the rules are identical to the most common Hold'em in any poker room. But, you can still highlight one peculiarity, you are playing in person with a croupier. Your main objective is to put together a five-card hand that is stronger than the others.

Before each round, all players make a mandatory bet, or ante as it is called. However, you should be aware that there are limits on the maximum and minimum bets. At the start of the game, the dealer deals two cards to himself and everyone else, but these cards must always be dealt. Then you'll have three cards in front of you on the table, which you can use to make your hand.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo has the title of one of the oldest Chinese board games. It's this that gives the game its atmosphere and entourage, which is so captivating. The game is quite exciting game, but it doesn't have strict rules that make it seem complicated.

The most popular bets are the Large and the Small. The whole system is basically based on the types of bets that are placed on some number located on the needle table. Also, don't forget the dice, which add up to show the number rolled.


  • It is considered an ancient Chinese game;
  • It translates as “Pair of cubes”;
  • Three cubes are used;
  • Only eight bets can be placed per match:
    1. The big one;
    2. Small;
    3. To a specific number;
    4. On a digital pairing;
    5. General;
    6. On the double;
    7. For a certain triplet;
    8. On any triple.


The main objective of players who play baccarat is to accumulate the most points. Baccarat can be said to be the opposite of Blackjack. Only two players, Ponter and Buncomet, are involved in the hand, all others have to place their bets. The player with the most points wins, but if the dealer calls a draw, the pot is shared out. Also, sometimes some gambling providers allow additional bets to be placed during the process itself.


  • Widespread in Asia;
  • Tarot cards used to be used in the gameplay;
  • Considered to be one of the variations of Blackjack;
  • It comes in varieties;
  • Betting on the dealer or other players;
  • There's a dime.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland slot is known to almost every slot machine player, but what would poker players say if the slot was reformatted into a live casino. The role of the croupier isn't as important as poker, but it adds to the atmosphere and the sense that you're not alone. Your job is to place your bets as you would in a regular slot.


  • The RTP ranges from 91.15% to 96.48%;
  • There is a bonus game;
  • The maximum winnings are x500,000;
  • Multiplier.

Mega Wheel

The Mega Wheel is presented in the online version in the same way as the offline version, only with a real croupier. You place your bets, and the dealer spins the wheel; it's quite simple. Plus, the lack of a bonus game has made it even easier.

Features of the Mega Wheel:

  1. RTP = 96.51%;
  2. Maximum winnings are x500;
  3. Minimum bet is 0.10;
  4. Maximum bet is 1000;
  5. No bonus game;
  6. Random multiplication of bets.

Software providers


Lucky Stripe entered the market in 2015, but registered back in 2014. For a whole year, the company's team has been developing its software and preparing to announce its entry into the global live casino market.

Lakistriq differs from most providers with its innovative ideas, but at the same time it has reviews of an outdated platform, even though it has 7 years of experience. For some reason, the reasons for these reviews are not clearly written down and when contacted by the developer himself, customers do not comment. Therefore, this opinion is considered ambiguous. Among the pluses are:

  • Betting on other players;
  • Additional rates;
  • Functions of social interaction;
  • Software prevalence.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Games is a provider with a history dating back to the first online casinos. Despite the company's age, the developer has created a beautiful, innovative slot. If you compare LuckyStrike and Evolution Games' software, the one from Evolution Games will be more interesting, comfortable and, most importantly, modern.


  • Quality of images and entourage;
  • Continuity of matches;
  • Player communication with the dealer and with other players;
  • Game statistics;
  • Support for the development team.

Pragmatic Play

Provider Pragmatic Gaming is, for most Pokermatch users, primarily a slot machine developer, not a software provider. But in fact, the company began its journey back in 2015 as a provider of live gambling software. Even though even now, the company is a slot developer, for the most part, it is still constantly improving its software.


  • Colourful and realistic;
  • The quality of the games;
  • Frequency of matches;
  • General chat;
  • Comfort during the process.


Beter is not very well known, but it can still compete with the software giants because of its quality of broadcasts. It may be noted that the main “highlight” of the provider is its multilingualism. All games are available in different languages, including Hindi and English. The best benefits:

  • Games in different languages;
  • Well-trained dealers;
  • Interesting games;
  • Roulette;
  • Roulette without a croupier.

Live dealer rules at Pokermatch Casino

A real croupier gaming system involves a dedicated web studio or professional casino, where live matches can be introduced. Also, you should realise that there is no one at the table except the dealer. All the players are on the side of the screen that you are. The dealer himself is a person who simply runs the game and gives you the emotions you want. This is the kind of emotion you could only get in a real casino. All the counting of money is done by special software, not by the dealer. The whole system is automated, but Pokermatch has a separate online gaming tracking team. This is to keep an eye on the dealer and the security of the game itself, i.e. to protect the casino and other players from cheaters.

The choice of online games is quite large, but the exceptions are the slots, which do not involve a croupier. Pokermatch offers poker, lotteries, roulette, Blackjack, craps, and even special games adapted for live casinos. You don't need to know any special rules to play, you just need to learn the rules of a particular practice. If it's a particular kind of poker, you'll want to learn about it. It's advisable to look for information on how to play the offline version of the game because you'll see a real table with a real dealer on the screen, who won't give you tips on how to proceed.


What live dealer games are available at Pokermatch Casino?

Most poker games or similar practices are represented, but the most famous have been discussed in this article above.

What are the advantages of playing in a live casino?

A live casino gives you live players and a real croupier, but apart from that in most matches, the winnings are bigger than in a normal online casino.

What live casino bonuses are available for new players?

Bonuses will be available for you on registration and on your first deposit. They are presented in the same way as in the regular casino version, so there's no need to find out any new rules for getting bonuses.

Are there any live casinos offering free bonuses?

The most important bonus can be said to be a no deposit bonus, which gives you a head start and gets you started in practice. Also, don't forget about personal promotions, promo codes, regular promo codes and the friend bonus.

Can I play slots online on my mobile phone?

Of course, you can. There is no factor preventing you from doing so, and Pokermatch has a mobile version as well. It's easy to operate and quite primitive.