Online Slots at Pokermatch Casino

Every casino has an incredibly large range of slot machines or slots as they are also called. In this article, you can find out all the information you need to know about the slots, which will be useful for you to use them in the future.


What are gambling slots?

Slots are gambling machines made for fun and big prizes. In online casinos, they are presented like regular slot machines, only in an online version. You won't see the entire machine, just its screen and control buttons. Also, you will be given instructions, hints, and descriptions.

Advantages and disadvantages of online slots

The benefits of slot machine:

  • Big winnings;
  • Easy operation;
  • An easy way to win;
  • Lots of jackpot games;
  • Lots of bonus features;
  • Availability of demos;
  • A wide variety of themes

Disadvantages of slots:

  • It can get boring;
  • A one-size-fits-all winning scheme;
  • There are no definite winning strategies.

Types of online slots and their differences


Sometimes the online Pokermatch casino organizes slot machine tournaments. This helps not only to earn winnings that boost the standard prize but also to compare your abilities with others. Speaking of terms and conditions, each such tournament is different. You need to find that out already in the match description itself.

With the purchase of a bonus

In some games, you have the option of buying extra freespins, bonus games or risk games. It doesn't cost much, but it depends on the casino itself and the provider, so it's hard to name a clear price. For example, play at Pokermatch - you can in follow slots: Money Train, Dead or Alive 3 Future Buy, East Coast vs West Coast, Sky Hunters, Story of Medusa, Fire in the Hole xBomb. The feature is quite rare, but if you try hard enough, you can find it.


This feature involves drawing a very large sum of money over the course of a day, week or month. Such an extra prize is always hundreds or even thousands of times higher than the maximum winnings. Usually, such a little surprise is arranged personally by the casino and there is no charge to the players when they wager. In this case, one spin may be enough for you to win the jackpot.

Slot machines with progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot games charge between 1% and 5% on each bet. In this way, the jackpot pot goes up and you can win an enormous amount of money. But, compared to the previous feature, the progressive jackpot may not always exceed the maximum winnings. Despite this, the biggest jackpots have been recorded thanks to the jackpot.


The name speaks for itself, meaning that a game of Megaways involves an almost unlimited number of winning combinations. In this way, your odds are greatly increased, and reach maximum figures. There are games at Pokermatch Casino that have around 200,000 combinations.

Demo slots

Not all new Pokermatch users are aware of the existence of demo games, but it's actually very important. By playing a demo first, you can not only decide which machine you want to play, but you can also practice.

You don't need to be registered or make a deposit to play the demo version. The very notion of "demo version" suggests a free game in which you get all the same features, just without the cash prize. Also, you may still notice that some providers may limit you a little bit in bonus games or risk games, but it happens rarely. You should be fully aware that you won't earn anything in this way, and all prizes are presented in play bonuses to simulate playing for real money. Be careful and remember that not all slots are available in the demo.

What parameters do the slots have?

Slot machines have special characteristics to describe the game's features and parameters. This description includes the languages that are available, dispersion, volatility, and the rate of symbols on the playing field. Disperslity is also called RTP and is responsible for the payout, i.e. the so-called cashback. The higher the variance, the better the slot on its return. Volatility shows the player his level of risk in a particular game. You need the symbol rate so that you can get a better feel for the process and understand how much each symbol is worth.

Also, don't forget that the number of winning lines, reels, and rows are often written in the parameters. Especially important is the number of winning lines, because your winning percentage and the dispersion of the slot depend on it. Sometimes you may notice the slot's release number and provider, it's more for the casino itself, but it can also help you. So you'll know which developers you like and which you can't stand.

What is the difference between classic slots and video slots?

A video slot is made so that you can experience the whole atmosphere of a mechanical machine. This is probably the main difference, but video slots also have more bonus games and risk games. Sometimes video slots can be so different from classic slots that you'll never realize they're both slots. There isn't much difference in the technique itself, the aspect is more on the design and presentation of the machine to the player. You don't even have to make an aspect on this point when choosing a slot.

Slot providers at Pokermatch


Provider Igrosoft began developing games back in 1999, which gives a guarantee of quality. In all that time, the developer has never once shone a light on illegal activities and has always had a reputation for honest and reliable casinos. It can be noted that the company has many games with demo versions and a large assortment of different kinds of slot machines.


Another of the most powerful and large developers is EGT. The company itself hails from Bulgaria, but despite this, it has managed to gain worldwide attention. Also, the provider can be called relatively young, because it was created in 2002. But, from the first months, it showed what it can do and its ability to compete with others. All EGT slot machines are rightfully considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing and beautiful ones, their design and entourage are one hundred percent elaborated.


NetEnt is not considered the most popular company, but it has games to be proud of. Even though the provider started its history back in 1996, it's considered to be the most modern and new technologically advanced. It can clearly appeal to players who are tired of the old and primitive and are looking for the new and progressive.


The only Austrian provider on the list. Perhaps that's what gives it such a pure sense of security and reliability. It doesn't boast modernism or novelty, but most experienced players like to praise the quality of the developer's product. The provider was founded in 1996 by an Austrian, but despite its age, the company has managed to maintain the same atmosphere of adventure and treasure hunting.


The only company that decided not to cease to exist after the real machines lost relevance. The provider quickly got its act together and decided to create an online product. The developer is considered one of the oldest but can set an example of real quality and professionalism for the company's employees.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has a wide range of games. It includes not only slot machines, but also roulette, keno and video poker. If you like to use a single provider's product, this company will surprise you.


Quickspin devotes most of its time to the development of casino software, that is, software. Because of this, the developer never reached its peak of popularity. So far, the company feels good about creating software, with some minor slots. Despite this, all the games are made with exceptional aesthetics, beauty and quality.


Yggdrasil is a young, progressive provider with a big future. The company was founded in 2012 and is considered to be one of the youngest, but despite this, it owns one of the most popular games, Valley of the Gods. Thanks to this slot, the journey into gambling began. Every year, the developer becomes more and more relevant in the search for quality slot machines.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is widely regarded as the most advanced and popular live dealer casino in the world. It has been ranked number one seven times among the companies specializing in live gaming. So, just for the sake of seeing the quality, you can play a couple of slots.

How do I play slots online for money?

In order to play well, you must first learn the theory of how to operate the machines, otherwise, it will be hard to start playing. Also, it is advisable to practise on demo machines, so that you can immediately understand whether you like this format or not when you are ready to play for real money.

Playing for money may change your attitude a little, and you may become more serious and emotional, but you have to control yourself anyway. To play for real money, you need

  1. Sign up for the online casino Pokermatch;
  2. Verify (verify your identity);
  3. Top up your account (you can do this in your personnel office);
  4. Wait for confirmation of payment;
  5. Choose your game and start winning.

How do I play free slots on Pokermatch?

You don't need any registration or verification to play for free, you can simply go to the website or mobile app and play the demo there. Just be aware that any bonuses you earn will not be active in a real-money game and are forfeited the first time you leave the slot. Think of it as just free practice, which will give you an idea of how to play the game and its strategies.

What is the minimum bet in Pokermatch slots

There's no standard minimum bet in Pokermatch, but the providers usually put the amount at $0.01. This is considered to be the smallest wager in the most popular slots, but if you look harder, you might find a smaller wager. But, that doesn't mean it will be any more interesting. There are many strategies that involve large or medium bets, while promising big winnings or jackpots.

What are 'Freespins' and how do I get them?

Freespins are then free spins, i.e. the triggering of a single round of play. Usually, freespins are granted upon registration and the first deposit. But, you can also get free spins through various seasonal Pokermatch promotions, the main thing is to follow the news on the website and miss the lucky moment.

Just don't think that the prizes from the freespins won't count for you. Since the freespins are only available to registered users, all the winnings from the free spins are yours. Plus, you won't lose anything if you lose.

In conclusion

If you are not yet familiar with slots, make sure you at least try the demo version. This kind of gambling suits many people because of its primitiveness in everything, but it is also addictive and brings maximum enjoyment to the process. To play legally, go to the Pokermatch website and take your first steps in this type of gambling.


How do I play slots?

Playing slots is quite easy and straightforward. You don't even need experience to do it, just read the description of the slot machine, which will tell you how to use it.

How to play slots legally in India?

You can play slot machines legally with Pokermatch online casino. This is how you can avoid being accused of gambling.

What are slots online?

Online slots are the same slot machines that you might have seen in a real casino. Only in this case they are presented in an online form. This is the format that is available to absolutely everyone.

Pokermatch slots where can I win?

You can win at all Pokermatch slots, but only if you have the funds to bet and don't play the demo.

Which slots are best to play?

The choice of slot is always up to you. It's your decision, but you can start by trying out the most popular and easy games to get some practice. Then you can take on something harder and less popular.

Can I use rupees to play slots?

Of course you can. In order to bet in the slots, you must first make a first deposit.