Online Video Poker
How to Play Online Video Poker

Although video poker does require a human input, it’s still among the easiest casino games out there. No matter if you’re playing online video poker or video poker in a land based casino, this guide is going to teach you exactly how to play the game. We have broken down this article into two parts: live and online. Read both the parts to learn how to play video poker irrespective of your setting.

Play Online Video Poker

The first game we will go over is online video poker. To play video poker online, you first need to choose among those best video poker casinos. Once you’ve decided on a casino, then you are going to have to download the application, install it on your computer, and create your player account. Once that’s done you are able to open up the online casino software, and choose the Video Poker game of your liking. With the aim of this guide we are going to be discussing the most elementary video poker match: Jacks or Better.

Getting Started

Now we will go over how to actually play video poker based on the machine above.

Insert Your Money

Your first task is to add cash into your machine. You do it by clicking the 3 chips at the bottom right of this machine. Click them to add your cash.

Size Your Bets

The next thing you have to do is determine how much you’d love to bet daily. You do this by selecting a charge dimensions, and by determining how many credits you’d like to bet per hand. On the machine above we are playing with a $0.01 credit size, as indicated by the 1c at the bottom right corner of the machine. You may click on the left or right arrows to increase or reduce your credit size.

The next decision you want to make is how many credits you’d love to bet daily. We always recommend betting five credits per hand, because you’ll be given a substantial bonus if you make a Royal Flush while gambling five credits. If five credits is too expensive for you, we recommend decreasing the credit size until you are able to afford to perform five per hand.

Deal the Hand

Once your bets are chosen, click Deal to start the hand. You will get five cards. Your next step is to decide which cards to hold, and which to draw. To hold a card, click on it. Click the cards you’d like to hold, then click Draw to receive your new cards. If you won, you will get a payout, and if you lost, you’re going to be able to begin a new hands.

That is essentially all you want to know to get started.

Buttons on the Machine

We’ll now describe each button on the machine, so you understand what everything means.

Pay Tables, Credits and Bets

On the left side of the screen, you may see the pay tables to the Jacks or Better game. The cover tables vary based on the number of credits you bet daily. At the bottom of the display, you see four counters: Credits, Bet, Total Bet, and Payout. Credits is the way many bets you’ve got in the machine — if you were playing $0.01 stakes such as in the case above, each credit will be worth a cent.

Bet is how many credits you are gambling on the hand – you can wager between you and five credits. Remember that payouts for a royal flush will be substantially higher if you play with five credits rather than one-four.

Total Bet and Payouts

Total bet is your bet amount multiplied by how much you’re betting per credit. In the example above I’m betting $0.01 per charge, and you may change that by clicking the left or right arrows at the bottom right of the screen near the $0.01 button. Payout shows how many credits you win once you win a hand.

Total Pay Table and Cash Outside

In the bottom left of this display you will find two more buttons: Pay Table and Cash Out. Pay Table displays the full cover tables for a single wager, two bets, three bets, four bets, and five stakes. Cash Out lets you draw your remaining credits that are in the machine.

Total Bankroll and Rate Deal

At the very bottom left you can view your complete bankroll, and there’s also a check box for Speed Deal. If you pick this box, you will be given a new hand once the last one finishes. The machine will automatically bet the same amount you wager last hand.

Bet One lets you improve your bet at one time. Deal starts the hand. Bet Max stakes five stakes, and starts the hand.

After the hand starts, the Deal button changes to Draw. When you have chosen what cards to maintain, you click Draw to get your new cards and see whether you’ve won.

Differences for Live Video Poker

Live video poker is basically the same as online, because the machine will appear the same and perform the same. The only differences at a live video poker machine is that you could insert your player card to receive rewards, and if you hit a big score you’ll almost certainly have a floor person come over to verify it and pay out you. It’s customary to tip floor men when they pay you out a major score – typical tips are 1% for a massive jackpot, and 3% for a lottery that is smaller.