Play Video Roulette
Play Video Roulette

Video Roulette is a brilliant, interesting version of conventional French roulette developed by software provider Playtech. It comes with a somewhat unconventional look where each round is represented with a wonderful video of a professional croupier turning the wheel.

With those sharp, clear movies, programmers from Playtech have significantly improved the typical virtual game of roulette. The graphics are unique, the design is innovative, and the entire game is superbly made. The gameplay, on the other hand, is rather traditional and simple, so even novices would find the game very simple and convenient to play. This significantly lowers the house advantage, which makes the sport odds very favorable to the player. But this version is slightly combined with all the European-style roulette — it uses European table design, so many first-time gamers should be acquainted with it.

Playtech’s Video Roulette offers all the traditional stakes such as businesses, individual areas, or neighbor bets, in addition to several unique options such as black and red splits. Some online casinos even allow maximum stakes of the staggering 250,000 credits per spin.

Gambling Experience

After the game opens, players will detect one big difference from many roulette games on the Internet – Video Roulette is equipped with many windows, sections and buttons. They’re all laid out very handily, however – you’ve got the conventional betting grid and the racetrack in the center of the screen, while over them, you will see your current wager, latest winning numbers, as well as the minimum and maximum bets allowed. On the right, you will find various statistics and buttons which make doubling down and rebetting even simpler. Chips are located in the bottom of the display, where you will also observe a large Spin button.

These could be chosen by clicking the Special button on the right side of the display or straight from the racetrack layout.

Players may disable all videos by separately skipping them or by simply picking the Turbo style . It allows to get a faster gameplay, in which the winning number of each spin is instantly displayed after placing a wager. Of course, the normal video mode is much more intriguing, however. Players can also be shown all the”cold” and”hot” amounts, the prevalence of odd and even numbers in percent, and more.

Specific Features

Playtech’s game takes its title from its most unique feature – video footage that runs for each spin of the wheel. When the player strikes the Spin button, a video opens at the bottom left corner of this screen and you’ll be able to see a trader’s hand spinning the wheel just like in the traditional roulette game in land-based casinos. Of course, as a virtual sport, Video Roulette is based on RNG (Random Number Generator) technologies that determines the winning numbers.

Another specific feature of this roulette version is that the Heat Map, which can be found in the right section of the screen. Experienced players know well that RNG matches don’t have cold and hot numbers and the history of the roulette cannot be used to predict future outcomes. Still, many fans who would love the accession of the Heat Map attribute, whether it’s mathematically useful or not.

In Playtech’s Video Roulette that the La Partage Rule applies, which means that the casino yields half of your bet when the ball lands on Zero. This rule is valid just for bets where the odds are equal like red or black, odd or even, low or high, etc. Even the La Partage rule effectively halves the house advantage on these bets, which explains why it is so popular with players.