Slots Online vs Offline
Online Slots Compared to Offline Slots

In the first days of online gambling the slot games found online where far from the matches you’d find in a land-based casino in terms of quality and jackpots. Today they’re so similar that you may be forgiven for believing your computer has become a genuine slot machine. In this guide we look at the differences between offline and online slot machines.

The difference between online slots and offline slots

Slot machines on the internet are in many facets identical to their land based counterparts. This is due to how all slot machines in land-based casinos now have a computer chip which generates the spin results.

Therefore playing slots online gives you an identical experience with a couple of exceptions. Online you play virtual coins instead of real coins, of course when you play online for real money your virtual coins are worth exactly the same as actual coins. The other real difference is you can play anytime you like from your home, no need for extended journey to get to a casino.

Pay Out Percentages

Due to the fact that online casinos have reduced costs to operate than land-based casinos that they can frequently offer pay outs which are HIGHER than those provided at land-based casinos. All casinos listed here at WorldCasino24 possess their cover percentages certified by a reputable accounting firm.

Without doubt that the payouts available are extremely similar if not higher than those offered at most land based casinos. Considering you do not have hotel bills and traveling costs if you devote the same amount you would have spent gambling on a holiday you’ll have saved quite a little additional money.

Slot Comps and Bonuses

This is where there is just one real difference. It’s highly unlikely that any online casino could ever give you a free meal but apart from this online casinos perform all offer any sort of comp program for regular players.

Most provide a comp programs in which the more you play the more points you make that you can then redeem for additions casino credits. Some online casinos such as Party Casino also provide you with the choice of using your comp points to receive all sorts of merchandise.

Progressive Jackpots

While the jackpots available on the internet are not yet near tens of millions of dollar jackpots available at land-based casinos there have been and are still some very huge wins.

Smaller jackpots ranging from $5000 to over $100,000 are obtained on a regular basis online. With many of the advanced slots connected involving a number of casino the jackpots grow and are won quickly.

This means that if you win $1,000,000 you may get one check for a thousand dollars. At land-based casinos many big jackpots are paid into the player with time in yearly installments.